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An automatic journal recording your personal history.

The only journaling app you’ll ever need. Automatically track your social media posts, health data, appointments, photos, movies, tv shows, music, books and more, creating the ultimate record of your life.


Journal with extraordinary depth.

Connect to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Get together with friends? Shared a picture perfect selfie? Wrote a viral tweet? Posts from the services you already love, show up automatically in Memriez.


Log and rate books, movies, TV shows, and music.

Track when you finished the latest novel from your favorite author, laughed through that horrible rom-com, grooved to the hit summer album, or cried at the finale of your favorite TV show. Memriez also syncs to Trakt and Goodreads so you can look back fondly on the media you enjoyed.

Sync your calendar to build a record of your days.

Can’t remember what you did on a random day three years ago? Don’t worry. Memriez tracks calendar appointments and reminders automatically to create a full picture of how you spent your time.

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Bring your journal to life with photos.

Move beyond simple text and document stories colorfully with photos, seamlessly integrated into your Memriez journal to accompany your memories.

Monitor your fitness

Did that midday walk put you in a sunny mood? Integrate Apple Health data to monitor how your activity affects your day and build healthy habits through daily fitness tracking.

Express yourself with text or audio journal entries.

It wouldn’t be a true journal if you couldn’t record your thoughts. Write as much or as little as you’d like. Quick  reflections on the day, or long essays on your hopes, dreams, and goals. Plus, you can record audio notes for an even more convenient logging.

Your journal is for your eyes only

Your private memories stay between you and your phone, and optionally backed up to your iCloud account. Your journal is also protected with biometric security.

Why journal?

Consistent journaling is an important self-care practice that builds mindfulness and gratitude, reduces stress, and encourages personal growth. Journaling is known to boost creativity, accelerate goal achievement, and build healthy emotional processing.


And now, journaling is easier than ever – just download Memriez and connect your favourite apps. You can write journal entries, or just sit back and let your posts, appointments, photos and more, tell your life story automagically.

Memriez is free. Premium recommended.

Basic journaling will always be free. Upgrade to activate automatic journaling, online backup and exciting new features. Try it out with your first month on us.

Live your life to the fullest and create a record of your cherished memories automatically.

“Keep a diary, and someday it'll keep you..”

- Mae West

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